Key People

A look at some of the movers and shakers at Climax

Simon Gardner

  • Simon Gardner – CEO
    Simon Gardner – CEO
    If you ever wondered what happened to Tony when 'The Sopranos' finished, is your answer. He now runs a games company. True story.

Rhys Cadle

  • Rhys Cadle – Design Director
    Rhys Cadle – Design Director
    Rhys was actually born with a beard, and you know what they say about people with beards? They make awesome game designers.

James Sharman

  • James Sharman – CTO
    James Sharman – CTO
    James is possibly the smartest person you will ever meet. Why he chooses to waste his time with us is a mystery, but we are very thankful.

Gary Welch

  • Gary Welch – Art Director
    Gary Welch – Art Director
    Gary has the beard of a fisherman, which makes him awesome. He's responsible for giving life to our characters and Tom Cruise's run. And he knows Harry Potter.


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