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Project Description

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable

Time to build!

You begin with a plot of land, some money in the bank, a small set of rooms to build and staff to recruit. The goal of the game is to construct a five star tower. To improve the star rating of your tower you must reach a predetermined number of residents and rooms.

Towers For Tango features a simple yet compelling gameplay loop. You construct your tower according to the needs of the market. People will then move into or visit your building and generate income, which you can use to improve and develop your tower.

Earn star ratings, unlocking new room types to encourage more residents and visitors. Be sure to keep an eye on the buildings maintenance and security needs, you will need to hire and manage the right staff for the job to keep everything running smoothly.


– Simple and intuitive controls
– Fantastic real AR experience
– 6 unique room types
– 3 different staff types to recruit and manage
– 12 hazards to avoid

Build the greatest AR tower and run a business empire!

Note: This application requires a Tango compatible device to run.