ARISE announced for ARKIT

Environmental puzzle game in development for Apple’s ARKIT

Journalists recently went hands on with our upcoming ARKIT game, ARISE.  We will be announcing more details for the game in the future.

The Independent

“Once you’ve found a suitable place to play, round a table, perhaps, the ARKit software does its magic to lock on to the surface and a complex structure appears. Your job is to guide a little fellow to his destination only by using a trick of perspective: two different levels may look like they’re one when the iPhone or iPad camera is in just the right place and suddenly he’ll walk across happily enough. “

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The Daily Mail 

“Arise is a brand new AR puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad, and really shows off how game makers can think differently, to use an Apple phrase, about how AR games are controlled.”

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“The player’s job is to make sure a heroic character is able to explore the area by connecting gaps in the stage. To do so, you move your iPhone or iPad around until the half-circles marked on the map align, a task that requires examining the landscape from all angles”

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“While the studio has experience in virtual reality and augmented reality games, the sheer potential size of Apple’s player base can’t help but attract developer attention, Gardner says. “On launch day, when they release iOS 11, hundreds of millions of people will be able to try these apps. That’s more than any console or store. That’s very attractive.”

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“The experience was also highly mobile, requiring that you move around the scenes to complete them”

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