Perp Games announces the Ultimate VR Collection

5 titles from 5 incredible developers makes for the biggest ever VR package at retail.

London, United Kingdom 7th November 2017 – Perp Games is excited to reveal that they are working with five world class developers to bring the biggest ever collection of VR games to retail from 1st December 2017.

Featuring the talents of Climax, Ninja Theory, Winking Entertainment, Frima Studio, and StellarVR, PlayStation VR gamers will be able to get five great games on one disc at a fantastic price.

Bandit 6 Combined Arms is two games in one. From Critically Acclaimed Climax Studios, who’ve worked on Lola and the Giant, for Daydream and Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, comes a World War 2 shooter. Faced against rockets, jets and missiles, you must man the tail guns through 42 missions of varying difficulty.

Dexed comes from Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and DmC creators, Ninja Theory, and is an on-rails VR shooter which pays homage to the likes of Ikaruga and Panzer Dragoon. Ninja Theory held a game jam last year and Dexed was the stand-out title.

In Unearthing Mars, the red planet awaits. From Winking Entertainment, powered by Unreal Engine 4, you are a co-pilot of the retrieval team who gets to explore the planet in full, from navigating landing craft to driving through a sandstorm. With puzzle-solving and shooting, there’s an exciting and mysterious exploration adventure just waiting to be had.

Fated: The Silent Oath from Frima Studio is one of the most well-received VR games on the market today. Set during the age of the Vikings, you are tasked with saving a family from impending world destruction. This immersive, story-driven, narrative experience is focused on emotion, coming from a studio who won the 2016 Pax Awards for Most Innovative Game. Play the game Polygon describe as ‘amazing’.

Korix is a real fan favourite from StellarVR. This retro-themed, real-time strategy game offers skirmishes, online multiplayer and an epic campaign. Running at a native 120fps, you can reach into the environment and take full control of the battlefield in a tower-defense game the likes of which you never have before. See why PurePlaystation ‘Highly recommend’ Korix.

The Ultimate VR Collection is a fantastic way to bolster your VR library with a diverse range of games from multiple genres.

Rob Edwards, MD of Perp says, ““The Ultimate VR Collection reads like a who’s who of the most talented VR developers out there.   PlayStation VR owners are in for a real treat this Christmas as our Ultimate VR Collection has 5 of the best VR games from 2017, all on one disc and at a great price.” 

The Ultimate VR Collection arrives in Europe from 1st December 2017. Dates in other territories to follow.