ARise Tech Support

iPhone and iPad

Tap the island that is lit up and you will start that level.

The hero automatically walks forwards and backwards. You need to solve the puzzles to allow him to walk across.

ARise uses perspective. Line the blocks up near a gap to make it look like the gap is filled. To help you do this there are half circular runes on both the bridge block and main path. The runes match up and will glow if you are successful. Hold the block in place while the hero walks across. If you move the block, the hero will be reset to the start of the gap.

Yes there are. They still generally require the player to line objects up visually. The hero will usually have a little icon that will help you find the solution to the puzzle.

Please make sure you have an ARKit supported device.

We are sure there will be play through videos appearing in the coming weeks online, but remember it is a puzzle game and some of the puzzles are meant to be really hard to solve.

Yes you can rotate the levels by placing your finger on it and swiping it left or right.

We are working hard to produce more levels and will release them as soon as we can.